Three Weeks to Go: Match with BEC to Finish the CPA Exam

15 Apr 2014


By Ben

Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


Hello my fellow NINJAs and CPA exam destroyers!

It is hard to believe how much time flies when you are having fun furiously studying for your next exam! This has been another crazy week for me. I was finally over my flu bug by Wednesday, but then I got back to work and was crazy busy.

I had reconciliations to do, refunds to process, and invoices to make. I work as an accountant in an AR function and it was crazy busy catching up on all of my missed work. With getting sick so much lately it has really put me behind in my studies.

If you have been following my blog you know that I don’t want to push out my exam anymore because we have a baby due the end of May and I really do not want to have a conflict of interest, as it were, with trying to take my exam while my wife is having the baby. (With how unlucky I have been lately with everything I wouldn’t put it past me having that issue come up too!)

So, I will have to push hard to get ready for my next exam.

I have gotten through all of my videos and I am now starting on my Wiley MCQs. It is amazing how beat up and useless these questions can make you feel. From experience, the questions are much harder than the MCQ’s you see on the exam, but they have to drill down points you may possibly see on your exam.

It is easy to get discouraged with the questions but I merely take one section at a time. Each question I miss I try to write down the basic rule behind the question and what I need to know about that topic. I think reading and writing down the correct logic behind the question have helped me get through and retain more of the needed information for the exam.

So BEC and I have our match in 3 weeks. Three weeks to finish up this exam and to finalize my CPA exam journey for good. It’s my last one! Good luck studying NINJAs! Keep up the good fight and may the force be with you!

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