Time to Get it Done: Final Stretch before BEC Exam

23 Apr 2014


By Ben

Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


Well my last exam is fast approaching. As an exam gets closer I know it is near by the general state of my health. I won’t say that I get really sick, but I do not handle stress very well.

I worry like you wouldn’t believe and I will have a frequent upset stomach as I worry myself to death over how well I know I need to do and over how well I feel I will do (I am the perfect example of someone who has psyched himself out of passing many times…literally my own worst enemy!)

This happens to be my last test and I never want to see another CPA exam again! It has been quite the journey but I am aiming to pass and never see another CPA exam related MCQ in my life!

I have been reviewing the material and trying hard to memorize formulas. I have a feeling that knowing formulas will be key to my success. Memorizing and understanding formulas will be my greatest strength on this exam.

As of writing this blog I am 1 weeks and 4 days away from my exam. My wife and I are 4 weeks away from having our baby (unless she decides to come early of course!) There is a lot riding on this test and I need to just wrap it up.

I want my morning back. I want my lunches back. I want my evening time with my family back.

It is time to get it done.

Hoping your exam studies are going well and that you too can join me in becoming part of the 2014 class of CPAs!

May the force be with you!

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Kristina 10 years ago

I'm also taking my last exam REG and I'm four weeks away from having our first baby! Hoping he won't come earlier as I've been spending more time doing MCQs instead of setting up the nursery. Best of luck Ben! All this hard work will definitely pay off so we can both say goodbye to studying and hello to our new babies!