Did I Pass the CPA Exam? Waiting on My BEC Score

09 May 2014


By Ben

Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well NINJAs, I have done it! My fate is sealed. I have fought the good fight and I have only to wait to see if my efforts will produce the desired result.

I have FAR, REG, and AUD under my belt. The only remaining test I have to go is BEC. I studied like crazy and I officially sat for the exam last Saturday. Now the longest wait in my CPA exam journey begins.

Did I pass? Will I have to take it again?

I set a goal earlier this year to finish before our baby came. I had some setbacks, including a third re-take of REG before I finally beat that beast! I guess only time will tell now.

I can now focus on real life as I try to get my mind off of waiting for what could be my last score release. My wife is due in 3 weeks and we could have a baby at any moment. Yes, I could wake up tomorrow morning and we could be heading to the hospital. Of course this also means that we could not have a baby for another month.

You never really know.

I planned my BEC exam around the assumption that the second baby tends to come sooner (or so I have heard). The good news of course is that if the baby comes around my wife’s due date that we could have two things to celebrate. We could be celebrating my passing of the exam and welcoming a new baby girl into this world all at the same time.

So, my next couple of weeks will be filled with doing all of those things I have been putting off because I have been studying. I have a lawn to mow. I have things in the house that need fixing. I need to figure out what I need to do to make sure we are all prepared whenever this baby decides it is time to meet her new parents.

It will be weird going into work without the thought “Man, I need to study the next section” because there is not another section to study for.

There is only this score to wait on.

My hope is that I will be able to write soon about my success and get back to a life of sleeping in, regular lunches, and evenings with my family. This also could mean no more good excuses for avoiding family get-togethers. (This is something I would gladly sacrifice for a final passing score!)

For those of you still studying and struggling, may the force be with you and your studies!

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cenmya 10 years ago

Same here..sat on Monday 05/05 and this is the last one. I hope I can receive the positive result and I am DONE DONE..Good luck!

murra90 10 years ago

BEC is also my last one but I will sit for it on the 23rd... good luck to all of us

Xiao 10 years ago

Good luck