Harnessing Your Superhero CPA Powers

10 May 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Okay world, here I come!

This is all I have been thinking about recently. Last week was a really crazy week with my finally crossing the finish line of my accounting degree, and I can officially start work full time! (Although I have yet to find work so if anyone know of opportunities in Kansas City or in Utah please let me know!)

I also threw a Marvel Avengers party where we watched all of the movies leading up to the new Avengers movie on Saturday. I know I should be studying, but it was part of my graduation celebrations.

Which makes me think, what makes a superhero? Can we apply this to the journey we are all making on our road to becoming CPAs?

I think a superhero doesn’t have to be someone with superpowers, consider Batman for example. They are ordinary people that do extraordinary things. Can we not stand up and proclaim that obtaining your CPA license is an extraordinary event? (It would be both unusual and infrequent, right?)

So the goal today is to set ourselves up for success. I have identified a list of things I am going to do to make this happen for me:

1) Keep my focus by reminding myself why I am getting my CPA

2) I am going to make and keep a consistent study pattern

3) I am NEVER going to give up

This is a short list, but I am sure I will be adding to it as I move forward. I have found more success lately as I try to stick with my study plan. It was really hard at first, and still is to some extent, to put my hours in every day.

I know that I need to put time in, but accounting can be so detailed that it is hard to study for long stretches of time. However, I am getting better at sitting sown and really applying myself to my studies. With an 11 month old son, it can be hard to find time for studying but I am trying to really focus now because I am sure it will get even harder when I do find work.

Well, I am off for now. Good luck studying and I hope you are consistently studying and improving your knowledge so you too can make it happen!

FUTURE CPAs OF THE WORLD ASSEMBLE! (I thought I would throw one more plug in for the Avengers.)

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Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

Good stuff - I finally saw the Avengers myself last night :)