NBA Finals, the Meat Cube, and FAR Rage

21 Jun 2013


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The other night, I found myself throwing a stool across the room and spouting profanities as the Miami Heat mounted an unbelievable comeback against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 6 of this year’s NBA finals.

I’m not a fan of either team, but as a rule of thumb I tend root against pure evil (in this case, Miami).

In the event that Lebron James is reading this blog, I ask the following: is it really necessary to whine after every non-call? Seriously, every time the guy is contested he expects a whistle. Let’s be honest, though, Lebron isn’t reading.

Manu Ginobili, are you out there? Hey Manu, Tim Duncan called and he wants his 5th Championship ring back. You contributed just enough to make it less than 100% obvious that you were not throwing the game.

After my blood pressure lowered, I looked around my apartment and reflected on the destruction that resulted from my numerous tantrums throughout the game. I chalked it up to what I have dubbed “FAR Rage”.

FAR is a struggle, man. It reminds me of a special sandwich at Wendy’s called the Meat Cube. Legend has it that the Meat Cube consists of 4 quarter-pound beef patties (simple math for a CPA candidate). I’ve never ordered a Meat Cube, but if one was placed before me I’d have to consider the best way to attack the beast.

I’ve decided to attack REG using the NINJA Method. I used variations of the method for AUD and BEC, but for FAR I will not be able to make any concessions.

I’m watching the video lectures on and making my own set of notes in blue ink. I’ve already copied the NINJA Notes in black. There are 239 lessons in my videos, so I figure it will take me 2 weeks to complete the first 2 steps of the framework. I’m trying to get through 15-20 lectures per day.

Once the notes are completed, I have a seemingly endless source of MCQs between my course and the Wiley Test Bank. My exam is currently scheduled for July 17th but I may need to push it back. I’d like to sit before the end of July and get another crack at REG before August closes.

I truly believe that if you fully devote yourself to these exams, then you will find success. I also believe that they need to change the title from CPA to MOU (Master of Universe).

Hopefully you all find some time to enjoy yourself this summer. My summer plans consist of concerts. This year I have to cut back for obvious reasons. I only have one concert on the docket, but it’s a good one: Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket. I’m looking forward to it.

Hopefully it will help alleviate some of this FAR Rage.


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