Studying FAR is Like Flying a Kite

28 Mar 2014


Clarissa is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

“Some days your kite will fly high! And some days it will get stuck in a tree.” ~Anonymous

This quote really struck a chord with me when I read it today. I haven’t flown a kite in years, life has been too busy for that and living in the city doesn’t provide for much kite flying, at least not the city I used to live in.

But I love the relation of this quote to my CPA exam studies. One day you will want to just keep studying, I have had quite a few days like that recently and other days you will just get stuck where you are at, or in this case, the tree.

Studying for the CPA exam has a lot of ups and downs.
Some material you understand immediately, some you have no idea what they are talking about, and other material you get it after struggling through it three or four or five times.

My final review for FAR is going pretty good. I’m not getting as many questions answered per day as I really want to, but I’m still doing obscene amounts of questions each days – upwards of 250 questions per day. I’m hoping to step up that number of questions over the next few days to really drill the information into my head even more since my exam is in less than 10 days now.

For some of the questions, I feel like I don’t remember a thing from my study materials, but when those questions do come back around, I can determine the correct answer without memorization.

My review course’s testbank has almost 2500 questions for FAR and I’m doing my best to do as many questions as possible at least twice. Some I’ve seen more than that already because I just do random questions in my testlets, but the information seems to be coming together quite well, and I will be ready for this exam next week.

I also listen to the NINJA Audio when I’m not answering questions. I know I will be sick of Jeff’s voice by the end of next week (no offense Jeff!). Like I said last week, I’m almost looking forward to taking FAR this time around. I just hope it finally proves that I know what I’m talking about in about a month.

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