FAR in Three Weeks: Time is of the Essence

17 Dec 2012


Clint is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Time is of the essence and yet there is so little of it these days.

The past few weeks have been very busy due to work, school, studying, and family matters. This week I have had to complete an extensive tax research project and will soon take the last exam for my MBA program.

My studying schedule has not been consistent, which has resulted in less efficiency with study sessions. For family concerns, the little one is going through the teething stage which is an experience in itself.

I had been slacking on the Wiley MCQs the last few weeks with all the school projects but once I completed that tax project I’ve been doing better about committing the time to MCQ’s.

I went through all topics in Wiley’s test bank with about 1,400 questions completed and an average from 66-79% in each section.

I just started going over each topic once again and I’m in the 75-90% range so that is looking good. I think I’m up to about 1,900 questions so far and hope to finish with at least 3,000 completed.

I originally kept track of the hours committed to studying but I haven’t done it recently. I’ve probably spent about 10 hours on studying material, 4 hours rewriting or studying the NINJA Notes, 8 hours listening to NINJA audio (although this was always during regular commutes), and roughly 45 hours on MCQs.

One of the things that I would also encourage others to do is try to take at least 2 simulations (if available) from Wiley’s test bank for each topic. While I wouldn’t spend too much time on the simulations, it is good to get a feel for the time you take on these kinds of problems.

I really struggled with the first handful of simulations but once I had a good sense of these kinds of problems, it was easier to answer them and even make use of the authoritative literature. The simulations aren’t really that difficult. It’s simply a matter of reading the details thoroughly and understanding what exactly you are trying to solve.

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