Lesson Learned Scheduling the CPA Exam

02 Jun 2012


By David

David is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Lesson of the day: Do not over-plan your CPA schedule.

I learned this the hard way; it is better to take one exam at a time. This lesson would be good to follow for those of you who have not scheduled with NASBA yet.

In Texas you only get three months for the NTS, basically only one testing window. Most other states give about six months.

I had scheduled FAR and Audit in the same testing window thinking that I could complete them one after the other. That was a big mistake as FAR took me way longer than I had planned to cover.

I ended up having only one week left in the testing window to take Audit. The worst part is my Notice to Schedule expires on June 28, and since you can’t sit for the exam in June, I have no other option.

If I would have scheduled my NTS a couple days later for Audit, I would have had a couple days in July when I could have sat for Audit and given myself ample time to study for the exam.

I contacted NASBA to see if they would let me buy a couple days at a lower cost, but they told me that they would rather take the entire exam fee instead. LOL. I really wasn’t surprised so I didn’t argue with them!!

Well I am going to give the exam anyways since I have paid for it. It should be a good learning experience, as this is definitely a lesson learned … the rest I shall leave up to the CPA gods to determine!

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