A Much Needed Break + Starting REG

11 Jun 2012


By David

David is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I had a wonderful five-day vacation break and actually enjoyed getting back to my CPA review course today. I know it’s weird, still I think the break definitely made me feel better and much more refreshed.

I went out for some beautiful dinners around town with a close friend and got to do a bunch of cool touristy attractions as well.

I am now anxiously awaiting my FAR & AUD results which should be here in just a couple days. I will keep you guys updated on the results.

I usually do better than how I felt so that’s a good thing. I just started studying for REG and am planning to wait until July to get my NASBA Notice to Schedule. Last time I got burned by them.

I am hoping to study with NINJA Notes and Audio, and the Wiley MCQs for REG. REG feels so much easier now that I have gotten over two exams!

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