Going Strong: A Productive Week of AUD Study

09 Apr 2013


Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Greetings all,

I am happy to report that I earned a 29/30 on my recent non-CPA exam. The question I erred on was a gift question (i.e. so easy I am honestly not sure what happened except to say I screwed up).

I was anticipating Columbia asking me to withdraw for screwing up on the question. While I would love to earn a grade in the 90s on my AUD exam, a 75 would suffice.

Well I am pleased to say that with the exception of listening to the NINJA Audio, I completed all of my homework. My ears were bothering me all week and ear buds did not help my ears.

I can't very well play the audio on the train, though numerous individuals seem to deem it acceptable behavior to listen to their audio without headphones, I do not though I digress. However, I did read over my notes during my commute so at least I put my commute time to productive use.

I am very frustrated by ascertaining which assertion is being made in questions. Rights & obligations, Classification & Understandability, Valuation & Allocation, and Existence all seem perfectly clear when studying. But the moment it is in a question I am hopeless in differentiating between them. Needless to say you know where I will be spending extra time – UGH.

As I might have mentioned I have been going through the chapters and writing down key take aways, anything I did not know, etc. What I have found to be very helpful is to go through the wrong answer and figure out how to rephrase the question so that the answer would be correct.

Additionally, I also try to ascertain how else the question might be phrased for the same answer.

While I know this is potentially dangerous, I feel that the benefits outweigh the potential damage. I learned this trick in school in studying for the sciences and math. That being said the ease of applying this to the sciences and math is you can double check your math and ensure you are correct, though not so much with AUD.

Thus far it seems to be working – my hooves and paws are crossed.

To hold myself accountable, I am again listing my goals for next week. I plan to go through 4 chapters of x-guess questions, listen to the audio 3 times, and review all my notes, as well as summarize the NINJA notes, twice.

Have a productive week.



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