Over the REG Hurdle + Ready to Clear BEC

27 Nov 2012


Farah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

As all the NINJAs know, CPA exam scores started being released on Wednesday, before Thanksgiving.

Since I’m in a non-NASBA state, I had the pleasure of waiting until after Thanksgiving for my REG score.

Surprisingly, the score release was not on my mind when I was with my family – nothing is better than good company and good food to keep your mind off the CPA exam!

Once I got home, the BEC study materials lured me to my computer and I continued studying. I’d taken my break and was feeling energetic enough to continue preparing for BEC before the close of the testing window.

Late Thursday night / early Friday morning, I decided to see if my REG score was released. I logged in and saw my passing score!

As I continue working on MCQs, the writing TBS looms before me. Writing is not a skill that many accountants are known for, and it is difficult to prepare for this component of BEC.

However, nobody is ever 100% prepared for the CPA exam. It’s a hurdle you have to jump to get that CPA license. BEC is my last hurdle, and I hope that I’ll be able to clear it!