CPA Exam Motivation: Short-Term Sacrifices Pay Off

20 Aug 2012


By Farah J

Farah is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Everyone studying for the CPA exam has made a lot of personal sacrifices. With CPA exam studying, work and full-time graduate school, all the items that require my time can be overwhelming.

However, I’ve tried to keep motivated by remembering that short-term sacrifices will pay off in the long-term. This means that when (not if, but when) all of us see “PASS” on our computer screen, that’s one step closer to finishing the chapter in our lives titled “CPA Exam: Trials & Tribulations”.

As I continue rewriting/reading notes and working Wiley MCQs, I try to keep the long-term payoff in mind. I’m redoing the MCQs from each chapter in my self-study materials, and reworking the SIMs – even though I’ll get completely different SIMs in the exam. It’s more about refining the thought processes of solving a question correctly, than memorization at this point.

We all know that the CPA exam loves to throw us curve balls, so I want to make sure that I understand the theory behind it. However, memorization would serve me well with these audit reports and assertions!

Good luck to everyone that will be receiving their scores on Jeff’s unofficial target score release date of 8/21/12! We’re all excited to hear about them on Another71!