Not a Great Idea: FAR Exam during Busy Season

27 Feb 2013


Fred is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Good evening fellow CPA candidates – Just checking in after 4 weeks of cramming for FAR while underway in Tax Season.

I sat for FAR yesterday on Saturday and got my rear end handed to me. So much that I didn’t even finish the simulations at the end.

When the timer starts counting down T minus 30 and you are still on the first simulation, well panic mode sets in.

I felt like I was on an engagement and blowing the budget spinning my wheels on some issue knowing I should be somewhere else! Oh well.

I studied quite a bit and focused on most but didn’t focus on what was needed to pass. While reviewing the audio NINJA Audio, I should have taken heed to study a bit more on certain topics.

Not too worried, it was unrealistic to study during tax season and expect a passing grade. I am quite exhausted from working crazy hours and studying. I have not seen a ski slope, wooded trail, fresh air (if you can see that?) or day light except the drive to work. I am tired.

Work has been busy and 3/15 is right around the corner. The firm had to put up with my stress too. I guess everyone plays a part in my success and failures.

I am going to bed and will pick up my studying again next week and plan to take FAR end of April. I have things to do, people to see and places to go.

Good night and God bless.


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