Back to It: BEC Doesn’t Care that I Failed AUD

09 Feb 2013


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So after 2 ½ weeks of waiting, 95% of which I spent studying for BEC, I finally got my AUD score. Unfortunately I failed again (68). AUD 4, me 0.

I really thought this could’ve been the one. I actually felt alright when I left the prometric center. I definitely need a new game plan for my retake (scheduled for May).

A number of people in the Another71 Forum have had success with the cram or final review courses that are out there. I have to change it up a little bit if I am going to slay the beast that is AUD.

So, I spent about an hour feeling sorry for myself about AUD, and then had to get back to it. BEC doesn’t care that I failed AUD. BEC will rip me apart anyways if I am not fully prepared.

I am through 5 chapters of lecture videos (and notes on said videos). I will be through the 6th chapter by the end of the week. That will give me 2 ½ weeks to review.

The material is harder than I expected, but I think once I start reviewing my lecture notes, and NINJA Notes and start listening to my NINJA Audio every day to and from work and at work, it will all start to click.

Add in an insane amount of multiple choice questions, and I think I will be just fine with BEC. Then I just need to nail my AUD retake and my REG retake before FAR expires, and I will be on my way.

I have 6 months. I am confident if I give it my all, I can conquer this monster. After that I need to somehow get the required audit hours, and I will have a nice some nice new letters to add to my name – C! P! A!

What else is going on? Well, Valentine’s Day will be here before I know it. Now, my birthday and my wife’s birthday are both within a few weeks of Valentine’s Day.

The good thing about this year is that we both went a little overboard for each other’s birthday gifts, so my wife decided that we won’t get each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. That’s right, my wife decided this. I am a lucky guy.

The plan is to go to dinner & a movie the Saturday after Valentine’s Day. There’s this cool movie theater near us that will let us accomplish both in one spot. We only just moved to our town a few months ago, and haven’t had the chance to go there, so we are both pretty excited.

The concept is that you sit in your seats to watch the movie (obviously), and they have servers that bring you dinner and drinks at your seat. It’s basically a restaurant & movie theater in one. I guess they give everyone little pagers for the servers so that you never have to get up from your seats for a beverage, snack, etc.

It is the ultimate movie viewing experience. The only thing that could make it better is an IMAX screen, or someone rubbing your feet or something.

Once again, I am somewhat thankful for all the fiscal cliff nonsense that is delaying tax season this year. I shouldn’t start working really crazy hours until after my BEC test at the end of the month.

I think part of the reason that I bombed AUD my first time, and failed REG the 1st time around, is tax season. AUD was immediately after my first tax season with a new company, and REG was right in the middle of the September/October mini tax season at another new job.

These tests require a big time commitment. They should not be scheduled in or around your busy season, no matter whether you’re in audit, tax, non-profit, some type of industry, etc. I will not make that mistake again. I must and I will become pass these exams.

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