NINJA Attack: I passed BEC! Ready to take on AUD

12 Mar 2013

I Passed BEC, NINJA CPA Review

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So I took a little time off from blogging to study for BEC. Wave 3 scores just came out and I found out I PASSED!

Halfway to CPA! I definitely owe this to Another71 and the NINJA method.

I have another AUD retake in late May, and then REG retake in early July. Passing BEC has definitely given me the renewed confidence that I need to tackle the last half of the CPA exam. I was really starting to feel discouraged.

I passed FAR on my first try, and then went over a year without passing another section. AUD has definitely hurt my self-confidence. It will be AUD #5 for me.

For my next AUD attempt, I have purchased a new set of review materials – new videos, new textbook, and new multiple choice questions.

I got one of those cram sessions. The material is more concentrated from what I’ve read. And I am definitely going to implement the NINJA method this time around. AUD will not beat me again. It’s my turn.

Other than the CPA exam, tax season has been taking up a lot of my time. I got a bit of a reprieve from the craziness of it while I was studying for BEC. But now that that’s done it’s time for long hours during the week, and full days on Saturdays – can’t wait for it to be over. April 15th cannot come soon enough.

I’m going to try to take full advantage of weekend time with my wife during tax season. She’s felt a bit neglected with all of this CPA exam studying over the past year, and my tax season hours aren’t any better.

But the weekends are ours (at least until I ramp up my studying again). We spent some quality time together this weekend. We had dinner out at our favorite brewpub on Friday night. On Saturday night, we stayed in, ordered some pizza, and had a nice little game night.

There’s been some discussion in the Another71 Forum about what folks with do with their time after passing the CPA exam. I’ve spent a lot of time thing about it lately. I’d like to get back into playing the guitar. I started playing as a teenager. I was never great, but I got to be slightly above mediocre. And more importantly, I enjoyed it.

I bought a guitar on ebay a couple years ago (before all of this CPA exam nonsense), and started trying to re-teach myself. The guitar has pretty much sat in a corner & collected dust for the past year or so though. I’ve been itching to get back into it.

I also need to start working out more. I’m not in the worst shape, but could use some toning up. I suppose it’s also harder now that I live in a more rural area. I previously lived in the city. The wife and I had just gotten bicycles, and were spending a lot of time riding around on bike trails close by.

Now that we’re in the suburbs, it’s tougher to get to the bike trails. We would have to throw our bikes onto the car, and drive to the trails. Getting the bikes on & off the car is a workout in itself. I need to get back on the bike when it starts getting warmer.

Most importantly, I’m going to spend A LOT more time with the wife. Maybe try to do some travelling.

Anyway, I’m sitting here watching the new 3 Stooges movie while I write this blog. It’s really awful. I think it’s time for me to shut the tv off and get to bed.

Good luck to everyone that has an exam in the April/May window. Like Doc Brown says, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” If we study hard and give it our all, we can conquer this beast. C-P-A!

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