Sometimes Stuff Happens While Studying for the CPA Exam

30 Jun 2012


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My husband’s grandmother died Sunday. Thankfully we were able to go spend time with her a few weeks ago. She was alert and aware, but tired.

Through labored breath she spoke to us about raising our child (expected due date December 1) respectfully and responsibly. I will always remember her words of wisdom.

When we found out we made arrangements to fly in the following day in preparation for the funeral on Tuesday. I completely disconnected from anything else but the family and tried to be as comforting and helpful as possible.

When I got home on Thursday I feverously responded to email and tried to regroup, reschedule, and reconnect.

I originally got off track three weeks ago when we went to check on the hubby’s grandma and I still haven’t been able to catch up. I am so glad we got to spend time with her a few weeks ago and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I realize that stuff happens and when it does sometimes it deserves your full attention. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. I find peace in the fact that time wasn’t spent at the mall, watching TV, or on the internet mindlessly surfing for baby stuff.

Actually, after some time away from FAR, I feel ready to study. That means I should be back next week with progress and not feeling burned out.

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12 years ago

Sorry to hear of your loss. Your story is encouraging reminding us that family comes first and then studying. Good luck with FAR and keep us posted. ~Stokey45