Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Jason

30 Apr 2013


Jason is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello another71 NINJAs.

A little about me … my name is Jason and I live in Dallas, Texas (full disclosure I am a transplant from Jacksonville, FL) with my beautiful wife Jessica and our yellow lab Savannah.

She got her name Savannah because that’s where I proposed to my wife. Men listen up – that’s a romantic city to take your significant other to!

I enjoy things that most other Texans do: country music, two steppin, being out in the country, good friends, good food, and a lot of laughs. I never really wanted to be an “accountant.”

I got the degree in college (along with a finance degree) because I thought, “I can always find a job with this degree.” Turns out I didn’t know how right I was.

I am presently employed at Bedrock Manufacturing. We own a lot of fashion brands and some businesses in the entertainment realm. It’s a fantastic place to work! Some of our brands are really amazing, like Reel FX (where I actually started before moving into Bedrock).

They do CGI animation and have their first feature film coming out in 11/2013 titled “Free Birds”. It’s about two turkeys (Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson) who travel back in time to try and get turkey off of the thanksgiving menu! It should be a great film and you all should definitely go see it.

I started being serious about my CPA quest in my interview with our CFO when she saw on my resume that I was a CPA candidate. Very candidly she said, “You are going to get your CPA right? It wouldn’t be wise not to.” A day later I was hired and I decided I better take her advice (again not wanting to be an accountant).

I started a journey with a review course that was self-paced and did not lead to very good results. I ended up failing AUD twice. I found a course in the Dallas area that was taught by a fantastic (live) teacher and with that I have begun to taste success.

I passed BEC on my first go around and am eagerly awaiting my results for FAR (sat 4/8). In the meantime my nemesis AUD is quickly staring me down with a date for destiny of 5/13.

I REALLY REALLY don’t want to fail a third time with the changes coming in July ‘13. But third times a charm and with the live class and homework assigned I understand more and more of the concepts tested.

Well. I better get back to studying. I will post again when I hear my results coming soon in May.


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