House Hunting Continues + FAR Exam Coming this Week

17 Apr 2013


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Hi fellow CPA Exam takers,

It has been a month of studying for FAR. Since the weather was pleasant in San Francisco, I decided to take a break this past Sunday and continue the house hunting.

My wife and I submitted several offers several weeks ago; all of them rejected for all cash offers at 105 – 110% above asking. I am not sure whether I feel sorry for our agent for not getting the commission or whether he should be glad the real estate market is in his favor right now.

We will continue to be patient and keep looking.

I am done with every multiple choice question in my study book and almost done with all the simulations questions. I put aside some time to study for midterms during the evenings. Luckily, the midterm is on leases, stockholder's equity, and EPS in which I am familiar.

I signed up for my test date for the end of this week. This test will be important because my credit for BEC is at stake. I think my preparation is the best it can be come the test date.

I am looking forward to finishing this last obstacle and treating the wife to a nice dinner for putting up with this journey.

Keep studying!

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