Praying for a Knockout: AUD Round Three Coming Up

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Round 3 with Audit is exactly 13 days away. In the next 13 days I am doing nothing but staying home and studying. Oh wait. Sorry, I was DREAMING!!!

My youngest son is turning 7, my boyfriend's sister is getting married, my kids are starting school (2nd and 3rd graders now!!), I have a work event so I will be working overtime this week, and my dad's birthday BBQ is this Saturday night.

And, I wish I could say “this is so different and crazy than what I am used to!” But it's not, so I gotta roll with it for my round 3, and I am PRAYING for a knock out!

So, in all reality, after getting two 74's, I should have really given myself more time to implement a new study plan, but I didn't have time, and I really wanted to get another test in by the end of the study window.

I am one of those people with huge amounts of test anxiety. Even at home- if i click “Test”, I score a 60, and I turn around and click “Homework” and I score a 75, 80, etc.

So I have found that if it is feasible, and I can make it happen, I may as well test more than I am ready for, because each time I go into that cold, silent, nerve pit called the exam room, it really does get a little easier.

So far, since I am quite familiar with the material, I am hitting MCQs every day, and reading NINJA Notes when I have spare time, but not enough to sit down and take notes. When I do have time to sit and study, I rotate between copying down the NINJA Notes and taking Wiley MCQs.

I also plan to pump it up and rewrite the Ninja Notes at least once, so two times total, and only note the things I am still missing on questions. And, probably set a goal to do a minimum of 100 questions per day.

My favorite is the NINJA Audio, which I am hoping to get soon, convert to CD, and utlilize in my car.

I will do a last minute update right before my test on the 26th, until then, HiYa and Good Luck to everyone else squeezing in a test in the next few weeks!!


Andria - Another71



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