The Right Tools: In Life and While Studying for the CPA Exam

08 Jun 2013


Leah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow CPA exam enthusiasts!

I was reminded this past week of an important rule; always have the right tools for the job. This goes for just about everything in life, and it reminds me of when I first started the CPA journey.

I remember feeling a little confused about all of the different study courses. I spent a few weeks researching the various programs to try to find study materials that fit my wallet, but also fit my learning style.

With my ‘tools’ in hand, including Ninja Ten Point Combo, I was able to pass FAR on the first try.

I recently applied for an accountant position at the same place I applied last month. They had a second opening, and as I’ve said before, accountant type work is few and far between in ‘cow town’. I just found out I didn’t get the position so I’m thinking I’ll take BEC in the same window with AUD.

By the time I sit for AUD in July, I will have been studying for CPA exams for six months, and I’m really tempted to take a little break by moving BEC to the October/November window. Then again, if I’m not working there really is no reason why I shouldn’t try to take AUD and BEC in the same window.

Two exams in one window might be a little ambitious for me, but I’ve read around on the forums that it is possible to study for BEC in eight weeks. I really do not want to wait a full three months before giving BEC a try. I guess I’m feeling a little antsy about getting the exams out of the way now that I’m on the clock.

In between studying, I’ve had a chance to start working on house projects. My husband and I have lived in the same house for over twelve years and we are just now getting around to adding a little landscaping.

We have zero landscaping to start, but a few potted plants and several blisters later and the place is looking a little brighter.

As I mentioned earlier, it helps to have the right tools. Today, my back wishes I had used a long handled shovel instead of a short handled, baby shovel. A shovel is a shovel, right? Don’t bet on it!

I took both Saturday and Sunday off and didn’t study so I could get the house project started. Of course I felt a little guilty about that, but I did listen to NINJA Audio while I was getting some tomato plants set up. I’ve added a picture below of a piece of our handy work. Not too shabby for amateurs. Until next time!


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