Studying for REG: The Opposite of the Space Jump

18 Oct 2012


By Marc

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello All-

I’m still here studying for REG. I have just completed all the lectures and homework question and am in full review mode.

I am halfway into my first read of the NINJA Notes and have been splitting my time with that and making my own flash cards. On my half hour drive to and from work I have been listening to the NINJA Audio which I have found to be completely awesome.

It’s great to have two sources of materials to bump against each other. Last night I also listed to the Audio for about a half hour while laying in bed….listening to tax, and Jeff’s smooth silky voice is the best thing to make you sleepy, thanks Jeff.

And now for a few other topics if I am allowed: did anyone see Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space to earth? I hope that I am not the only one that thought that was completely awesome as well as a win for America.

It was unbelievable to watch him be in space and then just jump…I would have definitely been afraid I would be stuck in Earth’s orbit. This also proved capitalism has created a better space program than the government currently has…another win for America.

Also, I am sure that not many here care but the Packers laid an absolute stomping on the Texans on Sunday night. That particularly warmed my heart. After the biggest mistake in NFL history lead to a loss to Seattle and then totally giving a game away to the Colts, the Packers are back. oh and the Bears still suck.

As you can probably see if you are still reading this, I am ready to stop thinking about the CPA exam altogether. It is fun to do other things and think about other things…remember that feeling?

Well I’m going to go do some flash cards while I channel my inner American and watch Romney kick some debate butt.