Ready to Dominate: One Week Until Second Battle with AUD

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello All,

I officially have one week until my second go around the AUD. I have been taking progress tests and my first final exam and have met with success. I have been consistently scoring between 75-85 on my Wiley MCQs, so I feel pretty good.

I have been struggling the last couple week because I feel like I was prepared to take the test a couple weeks ago. The struggle is feeling like I don’t have to study much because I already feel that I know it.

I have to convince myself to continue because I know how quickly things can slip away if I’m not continually pounding it into my head.

I planned my test on July 7th which just happens to fall at the end of my month-end week. I think I failed to mention I work at Vera Bradley (just to make the women jealous). I am hoping the I have sufficient time to study that week leading up to my exam. Either way I feel very confident that I will do well and fully expect to pass.

It is not typical for me to be so confident, I usually am fairly conservative in my own assessments, but I think I’m going to dominate Audit.

Hope you all enjoyed the dark month while it lasted, time to get back to passing some test!