Time Management + Chugging Away at BEC

03 Apr 2013


Shaila is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi NINJAs! I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend.

My Easter activities didn’t consist of much. I woke up late, but decided to take my puppy to the neighborhood egg hunt anyway.

Of course the kids had already found all the eggs so we didn’t get any pics of Mumba with Easter eggs for her newly created instagram: @baddog_mumba

It was so hard to get the ball rolling again, but I finally started studying for BEC almost a month after I took (and passed! What what!) AUD.

Now it’s been about a week and a half of study, and I’m in the thick of things. Done with the section on Corporate Governance & Internal Control, and will be finishing the Economics section today.

I was an economics & international relations major, so thankfully I’ve pretty much seen all the econ stuff before. After that, I’ll have 3 sections left with a little over a month to go before test day.

Elsewhere in my life, I’m sitting on some really exciting news, but I’ll wait until it’s official to share with you all!

Some other good news: Family from abroad might be coming to visit for a few weeks, so that’ll be nice.

Some not so good news: Bridesmaid dress that I tried on and ordered last year finally came in, and it doesn’t fit anymore! The fact that I’ve been skipping physical activity in favor of studying is definitely showing.

Since the dress is custom made and already paid for, I’ll have to be a little more vigilant in making sure I don’t neglect exercising and eating healthy in order to fit into it this summer. I know I can do it though!

Studying for this test is really a test in itself–of time management. It’s possible to keep up a balanced life while studying, but it’s so very important to be able to set aside time for each activity, and then stick to the timings you’ve set up.

Here’s to everyone struggling to maintain any kind of balance.

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