Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Sonila

04 Mar 2013


Sonila is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

What an exciting chapter of my life. CPA Candidate???

I have been a CPA candidate since November 2010. I took 3 parts of the exam in 2011, but I did not get over 75 in any of them. I stopped pursuing it but now I am back on the wagon.

I am looking forward to going from having “CPA Candidate” on my resume, to having “CPA” next to my name. What an honor that will be!

It really signifies to me that one is made out of a different mold, full of ambition, drive and courage, the courage to get up after being knocked down over and over.

It might be easier for some than others, but I believe that we all have to make some sacrifices to get there. I am a working mother and a wife. I have to sacrifice time with my family to make sure I have time to study. I know that it is a temporary sacrifice, but how temporary I am not certain.

This is my battle and I must win it on my own. It is difficult to share with anyone that I am still a CPA candidate. It appears, my friends and family are tired of hearing me say how I want to be a CPA. They wonder what is holding me back, what is the hang up? How could I not be able to pass these exams?

No one wants to hear the excuses that I am too busy with raising a family. However, I agree with them. My reasons for not passing are all excuses. Remember, excuses are only that, a cop out from achieving your dream. No one ever said that dreams are easily realizable.

It really boils down to making a plan and sticking to it. I am taking FAR on April 1st, Fools day! I have inputted my NINJA study plan in my Outlook. This gives my subconscious time to start working on it before I do.

Currently, I am using review videos and Wiley 2011. During my daily commute, I will listen to accounting podcasts. The different study sources help to cement the concepts that are to be tested.

In conclusion, this is a great feat to undertake. Visualizing the CPA credentials next to my name is a strong motivation for me. I know it will change my life. I want it so badly, and I won’t stop till I get it.

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