Just One More: Ready to Take my Life Back after REG

16 Oct 2012


By Trisha

Trisha is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Preparing for what I hope to be my final encounter with the CPA exam feels much different than previous sections. I started this journey over 16 months ago, and just scheduled my rematch with REG for November 13, 2012.

REG was the first exam I attempted to pass. I attended live classes through my chosen preparation course, did all my homework, and studied using their method. I had been out of school over 5 years, and was a little rusty in the study department. I assumed they knew best.

After many long Saturdays in class and a few burnt out highlighters, I sat for REG in August of 2011. I left feeling unsure since it was my first exam. I was completely devastated when I received my failing score of 72. It took me a bit to pull up my bootstraps and move on.

After this first experience with the CPA exam, I decided to re-evaluate my study methods. I chose to watch the DVD lectures instead of attending the live classes. This is a method I have maintained since. Amazing what you can learn when you put down the highlighter!

I also added NINJA Materials and the Wiley Test Bank. Their inclusion offered me an alternate perspective that really made me aware of what I was really grasping and where I needed work.

I am currently watching the REG DVD lectures for the first time. What an improvement over the live class! I can’t believe how much more I am retaining and understanding the material.

I do have to wonder if it is the quality of the lectures that is making the difference, or that I am now seasoned with a much larger base of accounting knowledge than I possessed over a year ago.

I usually score in the 60’s my first time through the MCQs. I have been consistently scoring in the mid to high 80’s this time around. This is such a huge confidence booster for me.

I am currently finished with the Tax portion and am heading into Business Law. I hope to complete the DVDs and related MCQs in the next two weeks, leaving over 2 weeks for review.

I also think that even though I am not done, knowing there is only one subject in my way to becoming a CPA is in itself a stress reliever. I feel a sense of calm because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This experience has always been “After this one, then that one, followed by maybe another one” – UGH. Now it is “JUST ONE MORE”.

This WILL be it for me. I am taking my life back on November 13th!!!