Studying for FAR: What Weekend?

12 Sep 2016


By Kristin

Kristin Walker horzKristin is a NINJA CPA blogger.

When I come into work on Monday and am asked how my weekend went, this summer my answer is often “What weekend?”

Oh, there was a two day break in there?? I would not have known!

Boy, is life busy.

I have decided to study for the only section of the exam that I have never studied or sat for first this time around, as I feel it will be the hardest for me.

Once FAR is passed, I think it will be more feasible to finish the rest within the given time limits.

Last weekend, from the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning, to the moment we slowly and painfully crawled back into bed, my husband and I worked on putting new floors into our house.

Luckily we just had a family room, entryway and hallway, but the project is still not done.

Rounding out the end of summer chaos, with birthdays, family visiting, weddings, football, school starting, and the few home projects we need to get done, I am very much looking forward to life being a little slower.

I have given myself two more weeks to wrap it up before I say ‘I do’ to my FAR section, and schedule an exam date. I think of it not so much as procrastinating, as choosing a more suitable timeline.

But once that is nailed down, life will happen, and again chaos will ensue. At least then I will be ‘on my way to CPA,’ round 3.

Stay tuned.

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