Wearing a Mask during CPA Exam | Prometric ID Policy Change | Another71 Podcast #98

10 Dec 2021

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In this CPA podcast, we cover some CPA Exam news (Mask policy/ID change), as well as your CPA study questions. Recorded August 2021 (I forgot to upload) 😀

Have a question for the podcast? Ask Jeff.

  1. Grant (NINJA Only) – I am a month out from Studying. I am averaging around a 67 on the 30 question multiple quiz exams. I am trying to come up with a planned strategy for the next month.

2. Shrav (Wiley + NINJA)- I have 4 weeks to study for REG, currently averaging 60% in the MCQs and just getting started working on the SIMS. Any tips to pass would be helpful!

3. Justin (NINJA Only) – Hey Jeff, after failing audit 3 times(70,71,72).  I stepped away and focused on BEC. I passed BEC earlier this month and am now re-visiting Audit. I'm only through about 250 MCQs but I've been successfully getting 70% or higher right on each group of 30. I have REG expiring in March 2022 with FAR still yet to take. My initial plan was to give myself 5-6 weeks to study and take Audit at the end of September. However, with the immediate success I've been having with Audit, I'm considering pushing it up to mid-September. Would that be smart or should I stick with my current plan and aim for the end of Sept exam? Not sure if I'm getting lucky or if I actually retained this much Audit material from prior.

4. Amanda (NINJA Only) – Is it okay to just use the sparring lectures and not read the book? I have trouble staying focused while reading the book and often end up taking too many notes. Advice?

Bhupesh (Becker + NINJA) – Thank you for all your support. Can you please suggest if I do all the sparring replays in the beginning do I still need to read the book? Means do sparring covers all the topics/ exceptions or only important/main topics.

5. Georgelina (Gleim + NINJA) – I couldn't figure out if the questions and book have been updated with the most recent CPA exam changes, Gleim updates each quarter.  I just wasn't sure if Ninja did too.

6. Tannisha (Surgent + NINJA) – I have 7 days left until my exam. So far my ready score on Surgent is 60. How do I narrow my focus to make sure I ace MCQ and Sims? Also, how can I use ninja notes for the next 7 days?

7. Markos (Surgent + NINJA) – Is it possible to get a passing score in two weeks of study time? My exam is in early September. I'm willing and dedicating more than 8 hours a day.

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