Find Your Motivation: Fighting CPA Exam Fatigue

13 Nov 2015


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Once I started studying for the CPA exam, my leisure time decreased and moodiness increased significantly. Working full time and studying right after work is no fun and exhausting.

People always ask me how I can study so much. Honestly, it is a personal goal since my sophomore year in college.

I never had a job push me into obtaining my CPA license. I received motivation from different places/sources.

Recently, I found out one of my childhood friends is losing her mother to cancer. This motivated me to get this CPA exam behind me so I can spend more time with my family and friends.

To me, that’s what matters the most. Too many hours spent in Starbucks studying instead of spending my free time with the people I love.

I also have few situations that happened to me that motivated me to continue to strive for my CPA license.

I remember my sociology professor (elective class) told me how hard the CPA exam was after I told him I wanted to be a CPA.

Another situation was when I dropped off my picture and notarized paper to be mailed off to the NASBA, one of the workers at the Post Office seen that I was mailing something pertaining to the CPA exam.

She then told me how her niece couldn’t pass the test. Maybe they didn’t mean harm in their comments but it definitely helps keep me motivated thinking of their comments.

I also have met a number of people at my local Starbucks studying for the CPA. I think actually seeing other people studying for their CPA gives me motivation.

Now that I am preparing for my last section of the CPA, CPA exam fatigue is setting in. The CPA exam is a monster and can get you down. Find your motivation from anywhere and keep on pushing.

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