Keep on Pushing: Full Workload + Studying for AUD Retake

11 Mar 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

After receiving my REG score of 67, I’m still happy I am half way through the CPA exam. I’m now studying for my AUD retake.

Even after two back to back fails, something in me is still saying “keep on pushing.” I will commit more studying time; I think I let the holidays interfere with my studying time on the weekend.

Of course my workload at work is not letting up which is making me exhausted. No one knows I’m studying for the CPA at my job, so there is no sympathy I still have to perform well at work.

This journey is going to be so sweet at the end.

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Queena 8 years ago

I concur, Keona! You've got to keep reminding yourself of the big picture. Good luck on you Audit retake, I know you will knock it out the park. I sit for my Reg retake on April 2nd.

George 8 years ago

Keep at it, in same situation as you, exact same. I just got my score tuesday for Aud and passed with 82, 3 weeks of studying. On to REG.

LaToya 8 years ago

It is devastating to go on that NASBA "get score" to realize you've failed. Keep pushing on Keona, as I will have to retake AUD and sucks so bad, but we have to do it. Good luck on your AUD exam, I'm sure you'll pass.