First CPA Exam Taken + Ready to Move on to FAR

28 Nov 2012


Brent is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

My first exam has been taken!

I could not have had a better morning going into the exam. Slept great, woke up an hour early, ate a high protein breakfast and crammed last minute details.

Overall, I tried my hardest and feel that my review materials prepared me well. However, I still walked out feeling unsure (which may be a good thing) but I feel that I gave a proper attempt at scoring above a 75.

On the multiple choice, I could easily narrow down the answer to two but the wording of question was so vague it was hard to determine the one that they wanted. Luckily, my exam did not seem to hit hard on the areas that gave me the hardest time during my study preparation.

I also lucked out on the simulations (somewhat… I did get 2 problems I was not prepared for). However I confirmed 4/7 using the Authoritative literature.

The exam center was quiet and the staff was friendly. I received a tip from a friend to bring my own set of earplugs, which came in handy because the ones they supply are the plastic earmuff style that begin to hurt after long periods of use.

The good news is that this exam is not immortal and it can be beaten! If I do not receive a passing grade I will schedule a retake in January.

I am counting down the days until grades are posted! I will now begin to prepare for Financial, which I plan to schedule in February.

Best wishes to everyone out their studying and happy holidays, stay positive!