A Quick Turnaround for FAR

24 Apr 2012


By marka

Mark is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I hit a wall last week, and for the first time I really feel like I have no motivation to continue. I put all my energy into REG this window and I think I’m still drained from that battle.

Although I knew it would be a quick turnaround, I had to schedule FAR in May or my NTS would expire. So as it sits right now, I have FAR in 5 weeks and I’ve barely cracked the book.

I started the week by attempting to rewatch all the Becker lectures, but I quickly decided that is not the most efficient way of studying this late in the game.

Now my plan of attack is to hit the Wiley MCQs hard, and listen to the NINJA Audio and reading the NINJA notes as many times as possible.

Not only have I had no motivation, but it seems like one thing after another keeps popping up that prevents me from studying. The great spring weather hasn’t helped either. I keep wanting to get outside on enjoy it before the unbearable southern heat kicks in.

Here’s to a more productive week. Let’s get it done NINJAS!

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