Swamped at Work + Busy with FAR

23 Jul 2012


Rebecca is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

You ever have one of those weeks where work takes over your life and your study schedule suffers because of it? That is my life right now and at times I think I could just sit down and cry.

I thought the summers were supposed to be slow?! They were my first five years of being an auditor and now that has changed significantly with added responsibilities.

Yes, more responsibility is great, but when you are trying to juggle everything some days it’s the last thing you want.

What can you do! I still have managed some study hours this week. The minute I get out of work I head to the local library and study for 2 hours each night.

This weekend a friend and I are going to watch lectures together as we are both taking the same review course. I think this will help keep me focused and force me to get through a huge chunk of material.

I haven’t scheduled my exam yet but I plan on taking it at the end of August. I have learned through this journey that I prefer waiting to schedule my exam. It seems to keep my anxiety level at ease.

FAR is overwhelming; I am not going to lie. Some days I feel good and then I come across a topic and I get all stressed out again. I guess that is the joy of the CPA exam!

How is everyone else’s studying going? Is anyone else swamped at work and trying to push through it at the same time? Some days I ask myself why I am doing this and then I remind myself of the reasons I decided to go into this career and I keep on chugging… (some days a beer)! Best of luck to all of you testing this week!


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