REG Exam: The More I Study, the Closer I Get

04 Mar 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I have moved back my test date. I’ve been studying hard and really retaining, but I’m not planning on taking it until I’m ready.

I think it’s the smart thing to do so that I don’t waste more money on exams than I have to.

I’m working on taxation and doing lots of NINJA MCQ’s. I want to make sure I have this down and I don’t have a question that I can pass.

I feel more confident about this exam than I have any other one, but I’m still not going to take it until I feel more ready than I do now.

I’ve stressed about these exams for so long and I’m finally not getting overworked about it; just telling everyone to leave me alone so I can study.

My son tends to sit in my lap as I study so that he can spend time with me, but as long as I can get studying done, I won’t send him away. He’s a momma’s boy and I’ll take that as long as I can get it.

I’m thankful my family gets it now and is letting me study. The more I study, the closer I get to my goal.

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