Hardest First: Setting a FAR Study Schedule

04 Oct 2016


By Kristin

Kristin Walker horzKristin is a NINJA CPA blogger.

School started for us last Monday and, aside from coming to terms that I now have a child in middle school, it is all excitement for me.

I tend to thrive on consistency and schedules, and with school forcing the household members to jump back into it, I feel it will add a lot of stability to our chaos right now.

That is not to say we are not still extremely busy, with football and basketball, work travel, home improvements, birthdays and holidays… but I am ready for the kitchen table to return to a think-tank status.

It dawned on me, I have been out of school for almost a year, as I completed my Master's last December, and although I have been antsy to get the CPA ball rolling, it has been lovely.

I have read books, cooked more, kept my house cleaner, watched Netflix… BYE BYE to all of those niceties once I get into the mode (been there before, it turns into: “What is Windex?”).

My goal was to begin after school started/ around September 1st. I have still not settled on the material I need- time to start sniffing around the threads….but I did do some FAR practice questions with NINJA MCQ, and I am averaging about 20% correct. Sadly. But, I am not shocked- this is where I figured I would be.

A lot of this material seems to be either untouched for several years in my head or new – with the exception of a factoring question, I definitely knew that one!

I really wish I was starting with a section that I have already passed if for nothing else, the ability to ease back into this with confidence. But, I agree with Jeff’s recommendation of getting the toughest one done first and wonder, had I followed that rule of thumb the first time I attempted my CPA, if I would be sitting here with three useless passes.

This week I plan on making a schedule to get through the material with a projected test date.

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Until next time…

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