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NINJA MCQ: The Toughest Software in CPA Review

Dear Future CPA, You can spend thousands on CPA Review books, videos, study guides, flashcards, crams, audios, etc. etc… …but if your MCQ Software isn’t preparing you for the fight that awaits, you’re wasting your precious time and money. The single-most important aspect of your CPA Exam preparation are your MCQs. They turn generic accounting concepts into CPA Exam application. Yet, it’s the weakest component of most CPA Review Courses. “But wait!!! That’s not fair!!!” you say… “Their lectures are entertaining and they juggle dry-erase markers on camera!!!” (but what about the software?) “They have a 9,000% advertised Pass Rate!!!” (but what about the software?) “They’ve been teaching CPA Review for 357 years!!!” (but what about the software?) “Well, now that you mention it…I find myself resorting to studying free cpa exam questions instead of the ones I paid thousands for.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Here’s the Cold Reality: […]

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AUD Exam: Better Prepared with NINJA MCQ

Keona is a . I retook my AUD exam this past weekend. I feel better about this test because I prepared more for the trickiness of the MCQs. Thanks to ! The SIMs were brutal this time around, unfortunately. If I pass I will move onto my REG retake. My goal is to be done with the CPA by the time of my birthday (mid-Spring). I bought a new bike and I can’t wait for the weather to break so I can get into riding. If I can finish this test there will be more time for my bike. I hope I can got over 74 this time!

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No Giving Up and No Turning Back: REG is Going Down!

Christina is a . I never thought I’d say I’d rather be studying for the CPA exam, but I said it. I am a Girl Scout troop leader and as I’m sure you’re aware; it’s cookie season. I was at our cookie booth this weekend talking with one of the parents and trying not to yell at one of the girls who was not listening, and out of my mouth came “I wish I were studying for the CPA exam right now.” There comes a time when you’ve been trying to settle down to take the exam and life keeps throwing everything at you; you get tired and stressed out and the exam would provide peace. I’ve had this exam hanging over my head for a while now; and I’m finally able to put it first. My exam date is set; I’m about halfway through the material and am working […]

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This is the Year: Pass the CPA Exam in 2016

Christina is a . 2015 has come and gone. 2016 is upon us and I need to start it with a bang! I’m only focusing on 3 things this year; my CPA exams, my health and my family. Over the past few months with me getting really into my studies, I’ve lost some friends because they just don’t understand that this is important to me and I can’t always do what they want to do – not to mention everything going on at home. That’s ok. I don’t need fake people trying to distract me from my goals. and these exam books are my life right now and as long as I make time for my husband and kids before nighttime studying and one day a weekend, I don’t feel completely disconnected. I plan on taking an exam mid-January then another end of February. I want to use all of […]

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