The Joys of Waiting for Your CPA Exam Score

22 Nov 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

The joys of waiting for your CPA exam score release. Although I have been productive in my new found free time by catching up with friends, family, gym and cleaning; it is still not enough to keep my mind off my score.

I think this is something only CPA candidates understand.

I actually went to the movie theater twice this month. I started going back to the gym. I still found myself visiting and thinking about my score.  I actually had a dream one night about my score; I know the pathetic life of CPA candidate.

This will be the first time I have not told anyone the score release date. I didn’t even tell some of my family I sat for the exam.

I want to explain to my family and friends that I might become moody this week because my score will be release but I don’t want the extra stress; the score release date is stressful enough.

I dread waking up the day of score release with my boyfriend looking in my face asking me if I passed. I have daydream of both passing and failing – this is really torture. I tried to remember the questions and Sims I got correct but some of the test is really a blur.

The upside of this week is that it is month end close so work should keep me busy. I went to the bookstore pick up a book unrelated to accounting hoping it would keep my mind of the exam.

Honestly I have breathed and lived the CPA exam for the last two years although I have learned so much and met many people on my journey but I’m ready to close this chapter in my life. I haven’t even been to Starbucks since I sat for my exam I have spent many hours there and I needed a break from seeing that place.

HIYA to one more score release date.

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