CPA Reviewed #77 – Does the New CPA Exam Change How You Study?

13 Apr 2017

CPA Exam Study Tips

Does the New CPA Exam Change How You Study? – CPA Reviewed #77



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1. Ashley: Just a quick question about the FAR changes. With the purchase of the FAR Book or Notes, can't remember which, came a PDF summary of the exam changes. I'm looking for some clarification on what exactly isn't being tested on the “new” exam. The Summary states that the Far Book 2, Chapter VI section on Investment Property is no longer tested. Is this already reflected in the book? I'm having trouble narrowing down which section this is alluding to in the version I have and I want to be sure I'm not spending time on something I shouldn't be.

2. Dave: If I purchase the MCQ questions for FAR and AUD for $47 each is this an unlimited time window or is it only for a couple months? I couldn't see anything in the description on this. I purchased the FAR MCQ's earlier and didn't pass the exam and my subscription ran out for FAR questions. So hoping these are until I am able to pass the exam.

3. Elizabeth: How much would the Ten Point Combo for all 4 sections be? Please let me know.

(hey! It's 1297 for all 4:

4. Phil: Jeff, this is in response to the person who asked if they were too old for the CPA exam. I am over 50, and I am taking my exams now (just missed REG by one question). You are never too old.

5. Anna: Hi Jeff – I just bought the FAR ten point combo, but I'm not quite sure where to start. Do you have a guide that can help me on what steps to take to get started in studying?

(I have a video on this very topic – please let me know if its helpful:

6. Farnaz: I have passed all four Exams of CPA in 2010, now I am applying for CPA License from Virginia and have couple of questions :

1) Is it compulsory that your boss should be a CPA in order to fill in the experience verification form.

2)What other documents are required for license ,do we have submit detail job description?

(I would love to help, but the #1 person who can answer your questions would be the Executive Director for the Virginia Board of Accountancy, Wade A. Jewell:)

Wade A. Jewell
Executive Director
Phone: (804) 367-8540

Virginia Board of Accountancy
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 402
Henrico, Virginia 23233
Phone: (804) 367-8505
CPA examination services: (804) 367-1111

7. Reese: Hi Jeff, I wanted to ask if you private tutoring for the cpa exams?

8: Kanako: I passed the CPA Exam as a California candidate and I have not been issued a valid license in any state. I would like to apply for CPA licensure with General Accounting Experience while I am not a US resident and don’t have US social security number.

Would Japan social security number be acceptable to issue the license?

9. Sarah: Any tips that you can give me? I have taken REG a few times and always seem to get close to passing but can never pass. It’s my last one so I am hoping that this is the end of my long road. If not, I will have three sections I will need to pass (since two will expire before the August score release).

10. Apoorva: I was wondering if anyone could help me with my situation. i have already given aud and BEC in feb. I did not pass. my preparation was not up to the mark. I will be flying back to my country on 25th of April. in these 20 days should i do only ninja MCQ's for both aud and BEC ? I really need to pass these 2 exams. any advices? please help.

11. Jessica: Just read your CPA Exam Survival Guide ebook and I'm so glad I did.  I was about to pay for a competitors product that was over $500 that supposedly gave you how to's on studying and passing the CPA exam the first go around.  Still think it might be a little too internet marketing fluff thrown into it. 

Enough about that, I have a few questions about your CPA exam review material.  (My apologies if this is covered on the website, haven't fully explored the full site). 

1)  Do you recommend purchasing the 10 point package, if I don't have any CPA review material from the other guys?  

2)  Recommend pick up study material now while I'm still completely the required hours to sit or wait until I've finished the required credits?  

3) People pass only using ninja materials?  Love to support the “little” guys more than the “big” corporations. 

4) Can you elaborate more on the reasons why not to pick an another state besides your current state?  NC is a lot harder to qualify to sit for the exam, so I was looking into PA (they take into consideration more of my existing credits from my Business degree and are a lot cheaper to sit for the exam.  I'd still need to get the same amount of educational credits/work experience, but PA doesn't require a 10 page book to sit for the exam. 

From the Forum:


12. Maso: I have to retake BEC which I failed in March 2017, with the new changes which section do you think can be done by end of May between BEC and AUD while working full time? Never took AUD before.

13. Ashley: I know many super competent accountants that passed 3/3 and then failed AUD even though they admit that FAR/REG was much more difficult. AUD is my last exam… and with the hard score release schedule, it worries me. Why is AUD known as the “tricky” exam?

14. Skynet: Will the Cubs win the World Series again?

15. Holly: What are the new recommendations of hours needed to study each part?

16. QueenCPA: Curious about if the TBS will be adaptive since there are now 3 testlets?

17: CPA788: Thanks for taking the time on this Jeff! REG blueprints – if it's not on there, is it not tested? You called out only Dodd Frank specifically as the material being cut on the new REG exam. Commercial paper is not on the blueprints. Forget about it?

18. RALPH_S6: I know how you felt prior to the 2017 changes about practicing sims…I sit for auditing in a few days (2 to be specific) and have gotten to the review phase in Ninja MCQ. Do you think its worth trying to get through all (or even some) of the sims, as opposed to just going over MCQs and Ninja Notes??

19. rlsrapp: Hi Jeff, Is it true that the UCC is no longer tested on REG? I have heard from several people that UCC has been removed, but I can't tell for sure from the blue prints.

20. Kendallram: I take REG on May 22nd. I am finding it hard to grasp anything so far. I was able to pass BEC and AUD in Q1 using predominantly NINJA MCQ. I also have Becker, and with their revamp of their software, it is making me a bit nervous about the new exam format. Do you recommend me using the same methods (focusing predominantly on MCQ) or should my approach be different for REG seeing as the exam is now 50% SIMS? Any recommendation for a study plan will be helpful.


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